Sunday, March 25, 2012

Busy, Busy, Dizzy

So another short post but I really wanted to write something.  The only bad thing about getting a couple of extra days of vacation is that I have to work two extra days and so starts my work week tonight.  But it was definitely worth it.  Also for my birthday I got a great writers gift, a new journal and new pens.  Already got some great ideas for those.  I sense a new writing journal is in order, one solely for the purpose of exercises and idea notes.  I love notebooks, if you ever want to make me happy that's all it takes.  That and the pens of course.  Oh and books....and other geeky items.  So I gotta head off to work.  Hopefully it's nice and slow so I can take the time to jot some stuff down on the word processor. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Night Owls Unite!

Yay for it being almost two in the morning!  It's weird how some nights I can't wait to get to bed while others I couldn't sleep even if I tried.  Sometimes the lack of sleep can produce some interesting results when it comes to my writing and other creative projects.  Like this blog for instance....

Otherwise not much to write about.  Just thought I'd post something so everyone knows that I'm still alive.  This week has been very busy with my parents visiting and my birthday coming up soon.  Though on a definite writing note I found something very interesting today.  My parents and I went to a thrift store and I made the usual beeline to the books.  I found a 2000 edition of a book on self publishing.  Twelve years old but you never know what you'll find.  There might be some good advice in there and it possibly might be a good sign.

On that note I'm off to write a couple of pages....and knit....till I get sleepy :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where Have You Been All My Life?

So yeah long periods of time between posts...but oh well.  Forcing myself to write a post doesn't really produce very good results.  Now forcing myself to write in my book is not a bad idea though sometimes I don't really get the results I want, but the point is I get something on the page.  Now have I been following that rule....not really.  My fault and I fully admit it but I'm working on it.  I'm trying to take charge of my writing life and writing in here is part of the process.

Another part is taking care of the other little details most people don't think should be done till much later.  A friend of mine is designing a symbol for me that I'm going to incorporate into my story more cause it's just plain kick ass cool.  That and it'll add another dimension to the story that most people I talk to find pretty cool...(thanks Harold, Jackie, Jaron, and Rachel!)  I think it will add to the characters actions, how he decides to do what he does, and what direction he goes.  I've even begun creating picture folders for my characters on my computer.  I'm casting actors I like in the roles I think they'd be good in.  This way I have a visual to look to if I ever need to speak to my characters face to face. 

The symbol is also exciting cause it means I'll have something to put on promotional bookmarks and business cards for myself to help promote my book.  It's definitely going to feel a bit surreal with my name on a business card, but hey whatever helps. 

On another note a coworker of mine just published his first book.  He's also going the self publishing route by printing his book out on and using their amazon resources to sell it.  Advertising at work and carrying a few copies with him at all times also help him sell.  I bought a copy but I haven't read it yet.  He's also doing a sort of heaven and hell thing with archangels giving super powers to a group of people to provide God some amusement.  Here's a link to the lulu marketplace to purchase:  I haven't read it yet so I don't know much about it and can't give it a decent review but once I do I'll let you guys know.  The concept looks really cool and he got an artist to do some great illustrations.  I'm checking out lulu to see how much it would cost to print out some preview pamphlets for CONduit.  They've got a template I might be able to use to just print them out myself since really all I want is a simple staple copy.  It's just a matter of finding someone with a printer who's willing to help me out since I don't have one right now. 

Some great things coming up in the next couple of months.  We got the A to Z challenge and CONduit.  Oh and did I mention it's my birthday this month? :)