Thursday, March 22, 2012

Night Owls Unite!

Yay for it being almost two in the morning!  It's weird how some nights I can't wait to get to bed while others I couldn't sleep even if I tried.  Sometimes the lack of sleep can produce some interesting results when it comes to my writing and other creative projects.  Like this blog for instance....

Otherwise not much to write about.  Just thought I'd post something so everyone knows that I'm still alive.  This week has been very busy with my parents visiting and my birthday coming up soon.  Though on a definite writing note I found something very interesting today.  My parents and I went to a thrift store and I made the usual beeline to the books.  I found a 2000 edition of a book on self publishing.  Twelve years old but you never know what you'll find.  There might be some good advice in there and it possibly might be a good sign.

On that note I'm off to write a couple of pages....and knit....till I get sleepy :)

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