Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Found Lacking

No this is not a post where I go into a babble about how I personally am found lacking.  I am found lacking in the technology department which is why posting is so hard.  My random accesses to the Internet at work are few and far between, but now and again I find I have an hour to waste so here I am :)

Many apologies for not writing here much, but hey life happens.  Between work and some serious blockage in my writing it's been difficult.  A lot of soul searching must be done before I can proceed with what I feel I must do with myself.  I don't feel like writing, but I feel that I really need to.  My list of things to do right now consist of cleaning my house, fixing my car, and finishing my book.  Also to stop obsessing over certain actors and casting the movie of my book in my head.  Again, before the book is even finished. 

Steamfest was fun and interesting even if things didn't turn out the way I wanted them too.  There was a great turn out and I reconnected with people that I had met at CONduit and LTUE.  The League of Utah Writers Roundup is coming up but unfortunately I don't think I'll be able to make it to that one.  Too bad too since Brandon Sanderson is due to make an appearance. 

I recently had an interesting moment in my head while trying to get myself to write.  Ever since I started this project I was pretty set on it being the only one of this universe I wrote.  Unfortunately that universe has other things in mind and I've got the beginning of the second book though I have no idea what it would be ultimately be about.  It was as if the characters decided that they wanted to further the journey.  On one hand I figured out the ending to my first book....on the other hand I know have a second project to do.  Both have their pros and cons.  I've taken to just writing randomness and seeing how it goes from there.  So far it's helping the juices to flow, even if it is slowly.  But hey, better slow than nothing at all. 

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  1. Not having internet makes having an online presence really difficult.

    Interesting that you're thinking of another book in Harbinger's universe! I didn't think I'd be writing more in my world when I started, either, but there's just so much unexplored terrain there.

    By the way, we've missed you at writing group. I heard you came the one week I missed. :( Seriously, I miss hearing your book.