Friday, February 24, 2012

Since When Is Sleep a Good Thing?

Okay so after yesterday I got the message...sleep is a necessary thing.  I guess I just figured I could make it and cram as many things into my day and sleep later....yeah that didn't work, even with caffeine.  What I should have done is sat down in front of the computer or pulled out my notebook cause I get some interesting things when I'm sleepy but I didn't.  I'm doing some research as I finish up my chapter nine.  Mostly in my head research first, get the creative stuff down and write a kind of 'bible' for my book.  It doesn't have be set in stone but it's nice to have this whole notebook full of history and plans and character details.

Speaking of chapter nine I'm debating on whether or not to follow my usual formula.  The chapter starts with a conversation between three archangels.  Now in past chapters whenever I had a conversation between say God and the angel, and Lucifer and Lilith it became the whole chapter.  The scene between these characters are usually the entire chapter then I move onto Galen and his interactions with others.  So my question is whether or not to have the entire of chapter nine focus around these three archangels, or include what I want to happen with Galen as well.  At this point it's about just going with it and see what happens. 

I recently started reading Beyonders: A World Without Heroes by Brandon Mull and it's some pretty cool stuff.  It starts out pretty crazily but I like that zaniness about it.  Pretty good start for my mission to read more, especially since I have a really long list to finish.  Luckily several of the books on my list are audiobooks.  Call me crazy but I love being read to.  If you find an excellent narrator it can be just as good as watching a movie.  With some books when I've listened to them several times it's also excellent to help put me to sleep.  Sounds bad I'm sure but it turns into a kind of white noise that's very soothing.  Right now I'm loving the narrator for The Looking Glass Wars series.  Makes me think of who I could get to narrate my book once it's finished.

One thing's for sure I definitely know who I'd want to star in the movie of my book :)

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  1. I don't see anything wrong with switching up the formula a little bit for Chapter 9. But then again, having each of these conversations separated from the rest of the story might be kinda nice, too, even if it leaves a few of them shorter than others. I guess the important thing is to just keep going!