Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Putting Yourself Out There Can Be Scary

Pardon my sleep deprivation.  It's what happens when you work graveyards and need to transition into a 'normal' sleep schedule.  Couple that with losing my internet access and you develop a kind of panicked paranoia.  Thank god for coffee shops with free wi-fi.  That being said here goes my C post of the challenge. 

To get back a little on the writing about writing track I've decided to devote this post to CONduit, a local sci fi, fantasy, horror convention that has a lot of panels about writing.  It's great for those who like to focus on just those genres, much like the LTUE conference whole helped me remember why I was interested in those genres in the first place.  I've never been to this convention before, though I have friends who have and they love it.  The new thing this year is also that a few friends of mine and I are hopefully renting table space there. 

We're each using the table space for different things.  Personally I hope they get a lot more out of it than me since their finished projects need the attention whereas with mine I just need buzz.  I'm still trying to figure out how, and I've got some good ideas going so that shouldn't be a problem.  Though I'm not much of a salesman of my own work so this will be challenging.  It frightens me a bit, talking about my books face to face with people.  You get those emotions of wanting them to love the idea, or just liking it.  Anything other than disinterest. 

I am looking forward to the writing panels at CONduit. Anything that helps me further learn about my art and craft is always a good thing. It's also a major geek added bonus that Doctor Who is a theme this year and that Tim Russ of Star Trek Voyager fame will be there as well.  Love it!

They have some of the typical convention fair: artist tables, competitions, gaming events, and panels.  I've found that the right conventions and conferences can give you a lot of energy and inspiration.  That extra oomph to add to your step.  Plus it's just downright fun.

Check out the event's website: http://http://conduit-sf.com/

No pictures this time... sad :(


  1. I'm excited! This should be a lot of fun and really good for us and our projects. Let's get together soon to talk about it more.

  2. Hi there! That convention sounds awesome. The closest I've been to something like that is Comic Con and several anime conventions. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun!

  3. I went to my first major convention in New Orleans earlier this year. My favorite part was the panels and hearing how professionals approach their craft. have fun!

  4. The only way to succeed is to put yourself out there! Hooray for LTUE. :) Have fun with your upcoming conference.


    A to Z co-host

  5. Good luck with setting up your table. I hope you come up with something really cool.

  6. Hi, Nikki! I've seen a few posts about CONduit today. It sounds like an awesome opportunity. Good luck with everything!

    Nice to meet you and happy A to Z!!