Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Warning....Fan Girl Drool Time...

All right time for another non writing related post.  I have to get my geek on and that's all about obsessing about some of my favorite characters on my favorite TV shows.  So today's D topic is Dean Winchester from Supernatural.  For those who don't want to hear me go squee about one of my favorite guys,  please tune out.  Otherwise keep reading please :)

So for those who don't know about the show Supernatural it's basically about a pair of demon hunting brothers.  They drive across country trying to save the world one demon or evil creature at a time.  The death of their mother tipped their father into obsession and it resulted in the boys being raised as warriors.  While one brother tried to rebel against this training, the other embraced it.  This is the older brother, Dean Winchester.

How to describe Dean...well he's sexy, flirtatious, inappropriate at times (well lots of times), brave, a bit on the sloppy side, obsessed with his car, and always looking out for his younger brother.  At first glance he seems to be nothing but a shallow character.  When I first started watching the show the only things he seemed concerned about were sex, rock and roll, his car, and the business of demon/monster killing.  A sort of soldier that blindly followed orders as long as he could kick ass in the process.  The writers of the show were clever though.  They could have continued with that vein, but slowly over time they showed that there was more to the character.

Most who know me would just roll their eyes and say something along the lines of: "Well of course you'd say that, you love this guy."  True...however I would say something of the same thing about Dean's brother Sam, but that's a whole other huge discussion.  Both brothers are distinct, individuals that still manage to compliment each other.  You also believe these two as family.  They don't always get along, they don't always agree, sometimes they just want to smack the other one into unconsciousness , but in the end they'd do anything for each other.

Dean is one of those conflicted characters who on the one hand feels he has a duty to fulfill but on the other hand he has wishes and desires that he's put to the back burner for way too long.  His wants are pretty simple: home, love, and what everyone considers the 'normal' life.  In the end though he always sacrifices what he wants for what he needs to do...most of the time :)

All that aside the brothers are really nice to look at.  Choosing between the two, Dean is definitely my favorite.  He's a darker more layered character than he appears at first, and of course there's that smile.  That cocky, charismatic smile that just oozes the knowledge that he can charm any woman he meets.  Which happens about, well 90% of the time.  The reaction he has when his wiles don't get what he wants is priceless.  It's that sort of kick in the teeth you get now and again when you're so sure of something...and it falls through no matter what you try.  This is especially true when Sam gets the girl and Dean gets his alone time with his car. 

His skirt chasing aside, he can be quite the badass when it comes to fighting.  The opposite of his smile is that glare in his eyes when he wants to kill something.  Not the sort of thing you want pointed at you.  This is not a man you want to meet in a dark alley when he's pissed off.  Especially if his brother's been threatened and/or hurt.  That happens and I suggest you build a bomb shelter somewhere deep, deep in the ground.

I could praise this guy from dawn till dusk.  He has faults, god does he have faults, but he has good points too.  In other words he's human.  He's not perfect and it makes him an interesting character.  The smile doesn't hurt either, or the smoldering eyes, or the....ehm anyway.  He's awesome.  Underneath the gorgeous looks both he and his brother are well written characters.  No matter what you think of the show or my analysis you do have to give the writers and the actors credit for putting in a good deal of emotion and complexity into these portrayals. 


  1. LOVE Dean Winchester - he's my favorite character on Supernatural. I just watched the episode where he's pretending to be a PA on a film hilarious. Great post and happy A-Z blogging!

  2. Ooh, he's lovely! I don't watch Supernatural, but... cor!